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Xpression FM, known as University Radio Exeter (URE) until 2001, is the Student radio station of the University of Exeter and is run by the Students' Guild.

This page is to bring together all the various links, and materials for alumni of University Radio Exeter, URE 963MW & Xpression 87.7FM, but with a big bias to the time that I was a member there.

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Useful External Links
Xpression FM Offical Website
Xpression group on Facebook - a social networking site. There are lots of ex-URE members, with message boards and photo albums.
Cool 360 degree interactive photo of the studio

Archived Sites
URE's old site from 2000 is still hosted by Dan Durrans. I've copied the details of the URE members back then over on to one simple page here.
The Internet Archive of
URE & Xpression.

I have added an archive of the history of URE from Wikipedia to
this section (which has since been deleted from Wikipedia).


This page includes a link to a few of the URE alumni with their own websites.

Pictures & Events
Archive pictures, the 30th anniversary reunion, writeups of pubcrawls and more here.

This sectionincludes links to audio of some vintage Jingles, andverts, clips and podcasts, as well as some live music recorded in session in the URE studio.

Schedules from Expose, the sudent newspaper:
18 Jan 1999, 26 April 1999, 19 June 2000.

URE In the News
Mr Mangetout

In photo above: Grainne Staunton, Mark Seddon, Kevin Smith, Henry Williams, Ben Woolvin, Frog (aka John Whitworth), Steph, Marianne tsumfinginfinnish, Simon Petrie, James McNally, James Gordon, Ashley Amos, Rob Reams.

Crouching LEFT -> RIGHT: Will Garner, James Beatie, Jonathan Duce, Kate Morris, Tim Dunn, Alex Gener, Rupert Connor.

Xpression FM (Formally URE until 2001) is the Student radio station of the University of Exeter. In 2001 URE obtained one of a few LPFM (low power FM) licences which led to the renaming of the station to Xpression FM. The station broadcasts around the Streatham Campus on 87.7FM, and also online during term time.

Xpression FM is part of Xmedia which includes a Newspaper (Exepose), TV Station (Xtv) and a website (Xnet) all of which are part of the University of Exeter Guild of Students.

A (very brief) History
University Radio Exeter was founded in 1976, under the stairs of Devonshire House on the campus of the University of Exeter. At that time, of course, the only means of broadcasting was very low power, using induction loop aerials to broadcast to Halls of residence. Initially the transmitter was installed in the studio. This meant feeding a coaxial cable, carrying the RF signal, just below ground level from Devonshire House to Lafrowda halls of residence. This probably only covered 500 people maximum but seemed to work adequately for around 6 months, until 6 months of gardeners' spade abuse had reduced the transmitter cable to shreds. A rethink resulted in the transmitters being moved to the halls of residence, with the feed from the studio to the halls using cables leased from British Telecom.

In the late 1990s the rules were changed and certain parts of the country were permitted to use a low-power FM system. As an indirect result of joining the Student Broadcast Network (SBN), money became available to convert to low-power FM. Thus, at the start of 2001, the posters for "URE 963" were taken down, and replaced with brand spanking new ones, emblazoned with the logo "Xpression FM 87.7".

And of course, where would any of us be without Frog - aka John Whitworth, the Chief Engineer who has ensure that the station has kept on running for so long?

Station Management
Station Managers - Past and present:

2007: Emma Crane
2006: Chloe Aust
2005: Ruth Lovell
2004: Dan Fowler
2003: Andy Kench
2002: Ben Woolvin
2001: Matt Loucks (Feb - Dec)
2001: Tim Dunn (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 87.7 FM)
2000: Alex Gener
1999: Robert (Bob) Witchell (Feb - Dec)
1999: Harry Harris (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 100.6 FM)
1998: James McNally (Feb - Dec)
1998: Bob Hewson (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 100.6 FM)
1997: Zoe Tape
1996: Brian Edwards
1996: Aidan McGee
1995: Joel Hanley
1994: Chris Bignell
1993: Clive Jones
1992: Andrew Brittain
1991: James Pearce
1990: Malcolm Taylor
1989: Mike Penny
1988: John Baish
1987: Andy Sinclair
1986: Neil Gerry (Oct - Dec)
1986: Azeem Ali Khan (Jun - Oct)
1985: Dave Hills
1984: Nick Hutton(Sep - Dec)
1984: Tim Dixon (Mar - Sep)
1984: Andy Smith (Jan - Mar)
1983: Andy Probert
1982: Zan Lithiby
1980: Terence Black
1979: (Bob Benton or Clive De Salis?)
1978: Bob Benton
1977: Steve De Munnich Langford
looking for more...

Programmes Controllers Past & Present:

2007: Richard Woolf
2006: Tim Grenham
2005: Dave Weston
2004: Ricky Bustin
2003/04: Mike Swaine (Dec-Feb)
2003: George Foden (Feb-Nov)
2002: Jamie Melrose
2001: Nick Martindale (Feb - Dec)
2001: Harry Harris (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 87.7 FM)
2000: Matt Loucks (Jun - Dec)
2000: Emma Hart (Jan - Jun)
1999: Harry Harris (Feb - Dec)
1999: Stuart Lawrence (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 100.6 FM)
1998: Harry Harris (Jun - Dec)
1998: Will Garner (Feb - Jun)
1998: Tony Moyle (Jan - Feb, Citywide on 100.6 FM)
1997: Tony Moyle
1996: Adam Oxford
1994: ?
1993: Martin Turner
1992: Adrian Hobart
1991: Mark Smith
1990: Grainne Landowski
1989: Justine Stock (now Youngman)
1988: Paul Singleton
1987: Mark Denton
1986: Richard Smith
1985: Chris Ancliff
1984: Roger Mahoney (Mar - Dec)
1984: Chris Sparrow (Jan - Mar)
1983: Chris Cooper
1982: Chris Cooper
1980: Anthony Massey
1980: Adrian Pearce
1979: Nick Cater
1978: Sean Kelly
looking for more...

Sites For Old URE Shows
A few old URE shows still have their old website up - they include:
Tom Davies'
The No Show
Mark Seddon's Seddonism

Members' Sites
Chris Homewood - http://www.insanityideas.com/
Danny Lawrence - Site for his early morning show on Radio Devon
Dave Killingback - Continues his Offbeat show as a podcast
Geoff Burgess -
James McNally - (Young Lawer of the year 2007) http://www.doyourselfjustice.com/
John the Frog - http://www.johnthefrog.com/
Russell Blandamer - http://www.themightygush.com/
Tom Davies - His latest venture is

Various Pictures


Pictures & Events
Archive Pics 1988-93 from Kev Pridgeon's site.

30th anniversary reunion
My blog posting for the
URE reunion in 2006 with photos and lineup of shows.
Kev Pridgeon also has photos

Misc Photos
Some assorted photos of mine are
here, and also here
Some group photos, and some individual photos.

And some random URE events:
Danny's Party 14.01.2001
URE Topsham10 28.01.2001 - And a transcript of the pubcrawl is here.
Xpression Float Feb 2001
KateJMorris Bday Feb2001
Xpression Awards March 2001
James Mac's BBQ May 2001
Pirate Themed Jaunt to double locks May 2001
All Together now June 2001
Topsham 10 November 2001
Xpression Xmas Party 5 Dec01

Dan Durrans photos are here, with some great Xmas party photos.
Nick Murison's Photo Gallery, and RAG carnival photos


Vintage Jingles, including various ident packages from the 90s
The 2006 Jingle package is linked to

URE FM '99
A few clips of radio shows and some adverts. The adverts here were recorded by James McNally for the URE FM citywide broadcast of 1999.

Live Music
Recorded live in session in the URE studio

Seddonism Audio
This link is to some promos and parodies I did. It includes the South Park Trailer recorded this trailer for the 1999 FM Citywide Broadcast with my then sidekick Chris Patterson, and it was played in the first show.

This is a few podacsts of old URE shows, including Tom Davies' the No Show, and an infamous "Challenge "Anarchist" show.

Audio of Ashshley Amosas he does his Tony Blair impression to impressionist John Culshaw during FM'2001 on the launch show - Harry Harris is presenting.